Def Deads

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Saturday Luckie’s Barbell Clinic 8-10 (One spot left) 10am CF class Labor Day Only 10am class (HERO WOD) View Public Whiteboard Def. Deadlift (5X3) Metcon (Time) SDHP WB 10,20,30,40,50

Test day

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Split Jerk (10 Mins to Est. 1Rm Split Jerk) 400m Run (Time) Max Effort 400m Run 500m Row (Time) Max Effort 500m Row


CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Luckies Barbell Clinic this Saturday 8-10am 12 Person limit Reserve your spot on white board Free to all Provoke members. View Public Whiteboard Power Clean (10 mins to EST. 2 rep T&G PC) Metcon (Time) 21,15,9 200m run Box Jumps (30/24) Kb Swings C2B


CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Front Rack Lunge (5X2) Metcon (Time) Riddle WOD Clue 1 A shorter version of Kal-ifornia is ?? Clue 2 Jonny Cash wrote a song about a boy’s name..

Erica and Jordan

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit ***Steph’s booty class is from 8:30-10:00 on Saturday! ***CrossFit class is still at 10:00 ***Kim will be competing at the BCB at Code 3 this weekend. Her first heat is at 9:00am and last WOD around 1:30. View Public Whiteboard Snatch complex 3 (1 EMOM , 10 mins) 1 power snatch […]