Can I do CrossFit?


Everyone can do crossfit! Literally. Moms, Dads, athletes, and even people who have never had a fitness background. If you have no fitness background, we would love to be the ones to introduce you to it!! A lot of our members started exactly where you are now. We will specifically modify workouts to your level and physical needs. You will get more one on one training, until we are sure you are comfortable with the movements. Even then- it will still be one on one. The only difference will be how we can keep it challenging for you, so you are constantly improving!
A: Everyone at our box (gym) is welcoming, and willing to help new members improve. We are silly and love to joke around. Although we take this sport seriously, we love to make this fun and exciting! We are so passionate about crossfit, that we love to see our community grow. As soon as you walk in, you will feel comfortable with our atmosphere and vibe. We genuinely love what we do, and we want you to feel the same way. Some of us may look physically intimidating, but I promise we’re not!

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