CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Saturday Barbell 8-10am CrossFit 10am Sunday 9:00am fluffy camp Bench Press Metcon (Time) 100 du’s 80 kbs 60 front squats 40 hspu 20 pistols 10 rope climbs

Shoulder workshop

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Feb. 24th Provoke will be hosting a pre/post recovery workshop for keeping and helping shoulders and mid back healthy. The workshop is an hour in half at 12pm. Cost is $30 Pause Snatch Complex 1 Pause Snatch 1 OHS Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 7 […]


CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Metcon (Time) Gym 27 box step ups 200m run 27 wallballs 200m run 27 cals 200 m run 27 sit ups 200m run 27 hrpush ups 1000m Row (Time) Max Effort 1000m Row


CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Please sign the new Provoke Waiver on wodify before coming to class. You can find it under the notifications bell in the corner. If it’s time to treat yourself to some new workout clothes the Box Closet will gladly take any of your old workout clothes […]


CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Widow Maker 20 rep max Back Squat Metcon (Time) 3 rounds 400m run 20 kbs 12 pull ups Then 3 rounds 20 goblet squats 12 burpees