Gtl and Yvette

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Power Clean (12,9,6) Metcon (Time) Gtl and yvette 30,29,20,19,10,9 Kbs Thrusters Sit ups

Murph monday

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Saturday class schedule 7am yoga 8-10 barbell 10am crossfit Monday Only one class 9am “Murph” 1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 air squats 1 mile run If you want to do it with a partner that’s fine Let’s get our first big […]

Grace and Rogelia

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Saturday 7am yoga 8-10 barbell 11 crossfit Monday Only 9am “Murph” View Public Whiteboard High-Hang Snatch Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Grace and Rogelia

20 sec

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit Memorial Day we will only have 9 am class. The workout will be Murph. View Public Whiteboard Push Press (12,9,6) Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Assault bike push press Rower

To the fence

CrossFit Provoke – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard 2 position clean Below the knee cleans Hi-hang clean Metcon (Time) 21.15,9 Power clean 200m run